Anna's PA can finally get that Starbucks in time.

iPad showcasing how ModaResa appears on screen for the brand and then for the wholesale buyer

Save time, gain money, be innovative

Today, the average brand selling 4 times a year to 300 retailers spends on average 117 working days yearly across their wholesale team to coordinate their markets.

Buyers worldwide outsource their planning to assistants or buying offices who in their turn must navigate through the terror of fashion week scheduling with excel.

It’s time to change things.


Fun scheduling for you and your clients

Customise your invitations and invite all your clients in a few seconds

Buyers & press book their appointment in 1-click with all your constraints taken into account

Your calendar populates automatically while your team can focus on creating new- and maintaining existing- business relationships

Modaresa is an intelligent, neat & centralised scheduling app for the smart pioneer brand, regardless of size.

Clever solutions and efficiency for the established and emerging brand that want to bring value to their team and their clients.

Set-up in 2 hours and you're good to go.

Smart Invitations

Streamline your flow of invitation emails to your clients with ModaResa's automatic but customised invitation process.
We even automate the follow-ups and reminders.

Nail your meeting in 1 click.

Real-Time Scheduling for your clients

Nobody likes going back and forth with clients to schedule appointments, reschedule and then reschedule again.
Even less so when it's on excel.

Excel? So 2000 and late.

Scheduling in one place

Fully transparent scheduling between your internal sales managers, agents and freelancers - all while keeping sensitive client data private.

Your heads will literally be in the cloud.

They already trust us

Marine Serre
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